Monday, May 7, 2012

29 Faces Challenge - Day 5: Winston the Gnome

Day 5: Winston the Gnome


Winston isn't who one would call 'happy-go-lucky.' He's a very serious fellow and is not easily amused. As you can see, he keeps his beard and 'stache trimmed to perfection, for his facial hair is his crowning glory. The day a speck of dirt is spotted upon his attire (which always meets the gnome status quo) is the day the sun never rises. Winston doesn't take his appearance lightly and believes strongly in good first impressions.

Besides his pretentious tendencies and stern disposition, he has a soft spot for mushrooms and their elegance. Not a day passes that this stout, little man doesn't pay a visit to the mushrooms that grow around his home. One could ask any of his neighbors and they would all tell you the same thing - that the only thing that can soften old Winston's cold exterior is a few minutes spent with his beloved mushrooms.

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