Saturday, May 5, 2012

29 Faces Challenge - Day 3

Face 3

I'm so obsessed with eyes - seriously. I love them just because they can tell so much. So much emotion and personality can be portrayed through eyes. Eyes are the first thing I draw when I start a face. From there, I can just let the eyes tell me where to draw.

This is just the sketch. I sketched this a few days ago, and now I'm going to play with it in Photoshop. Hopefully I'll have it finished soon!


  1. I adore these eyes and eylashes! :) Beautiful face!

  2. Gorgeous face... and the eyes are wonderful... so expressive... can't wait to see more...

    Jenny x

  3. I LOVE this girl, looks a bit like my daughter ♥ hair and all heheheh

  4. Love this! I'm very, very old and remember the Japanese cartoon series "Marine Boy". (I suppose early anime).So I'm wallowing in nostalgia right now ;)